An evening of meditation for Chance4Charlie

12th January 2019

Soraya is kindly putting on an evening of meditation for Chance4Charlie. This event is possible due to the generosity of Blaize who runs The London Wellness Studio and will be leading the meditation.

The London Wellness Studio:

Insta: @thelondonwellnessstudio

Mollie & Amy selling grilled cheese sandwiches at club sandwich!

6th February 2019

Mollie & Amy sold grilled cheese sandwiches to hungry students at the Goldsmiths student union at the Wednesday club night. Club sandwich!


Antony & Kristel sold home made lemonade for 3 days at Kristel's Univeristy art exhibti

7th February 2019

Chance4Charlie Line Dancing

13th February 2019



Organised and hosted by the fabulous Elaine Bywaters of Bizzy Bodiez Health & Fitness.

The class took place at TFD who donated the Studio space for free.


Lunchtime raffle, sweepstake and afternoon tea with colleagues

15th February 2019



Organised by Dave and Sue Rose (Emma's parents) and all Daves wonderful collegues at Timet took part!

Miss Yoga Mel's Chance4Charlie Yoga class

23th February 2019

"A heart chakra class as we show compassion and love to this young lady helping her with her life saving surgery ."


Visit her website: click link

Chance4Charlie Line Dancing

27th February 2019


Elaine was invited by the lovely ‘Crown’ employees to teach a second Line Dancing Class in the Social Club.

for the whole month of March!

The Yogarise community classes: Friday 11.30-12.30

Sunday 13.30 - 14.30

Yogarise runs two community yoga classes each week in Peckham which are open to everyone. They are often Dynamic Vinyasa Flow in style and are Open Level. They run these classes to allow all members of the community to join, regardless of financial circumstances and to raise awareness about good causes and collect donations from those who wish to pre-book.

They are kindly supporting Chance4Charlie throughout March!

Click to find out more about the community classes.

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Yogarise Community Classes are supporting Chance4Charlie

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Chance4Charlie Line Dancing

1st March 2019


Organised and hosted by the fabulous Elaine Bywaters of Bizzy Bodiez Health & Fitness. The class was held in Wallingford at CAB International. 

Thank you to all the wonderful employees of CABI 


The kind, generous and woman of many talents Claire, a yogi, OMYoga magazine contributor and incredibly skilled hair dresser is dedicating her 7th April Yoga class to Chance4Charlie and it has been features in the March issue of  OMYoga Magazine. 

Look out for the article, titled Charlie's Angels! 

Chance4Charlie is being featured in the March issue of OMYoga Magazine!

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9am, 5th February 

- 10pm 5th March

Pet Portrait Auction

This auction is for a photorealistic, hand-drawn pet portrait. Samantha, the artist will draw the portrait from a photographic reference.

Any type of animal is fine! All that is needed will be a photo or two for reference. The drawing will be on A4 sized white paper and this original piece will be sent to you through Royal Mail.

To learn more or bid go to: 

Peckham Peculiar is helping us raise awareness of Chance4Charlie

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Issue February/March 2019

Peckham Peculiar has kindly donated advertising space to promote the campaign, the ad was organized by Clair Fisher of Ganapati Restaurant & designed by graphic designer Pam Williams. 

Afternoon tea

3rd March 2019

Afternoon tea party with friends for Chance4Charlie.

Kindly hosted by Lauren and Hayley Sloane, they will be having an afternoon tea party with there friends to raise money for Chance4Charlie.


Coastal walk from Torquay to Brixham

3rd March 2019

Hayley Sloan, Nicci Powley, Lisa Blundell and Lisa Hughes will be doing a sponsored coastal walk for Chance4Charlie from Torquay sea front to Brixham all along all the beaches on the way! 


6th March 2019            £10 per person

6.30pm - 8.30pm

We work,

1 Mark Square, London EC2A 4EG

In honour of International Women’s day 2019, Outreach Digital will join the rest of the world by celebrating the women who work in the digital space. Under the theme 'Better the balance, better the world', Harriet Small will host Pooja Nerurkar, Jessica Gosling and Joanna Beech. 

Digital Outreach are kindly donating all event proceeds to Chance4Charlie.

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Toddle for Charlie

9th March 2019

A group of 3-year-olds will be doing a sponsored walk in fancy dress.


Possibly the cutest event happening for Chance4Charlie.

Arranged by the wonderful Hannah.

Ten Star Hill Challenge

10th March

Organised by Mark Winkless, a group of bikers will ride the Ten Star Hill Challenge in Sevenoaks, Kent in aid of Chance4Charlie On March 10th at 

The entry fee (donation) is £30

More information can be found here:

Cake Sale for park runners.

16th March 2019



Organised and hosted by Kim and Jens.



A murder mystery and dinner party hosted by the lovely Emma and Charlie in South London with Ganapati pals.

17th March 2019

Cake Sale and coffee morning 

23rd March 2019

Organised by Veronica and hosted

at her work with colleagues

Little Cavalier presents, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbean,

Hoopla Blue, Mayors of Toronto & more TBA

Friday 22nd March 2019

Doors 8pm PAY WHAT YOU CAN (Donations on the door)

Muthers Studio, 14 Rea St, Birmingham, B5 6LB

3 x 10k Hike

23rd & 30th March 2019

There are 2 hikes happening on the 23rd March and one hike happening on the 30th March.

Lisa, Gordon, Catrin, Cathy, Dave, Hannah, Sarah & Nigel will be walking for Charlie in South Devon.

Stevie, Jacquie & Sue will be walking for Charlie in Mancester.

Swimathon Team

29th -31st March 2019

Kim, Jens, Mike and Andy will be taking part in a Swimathon! 

Details TBC.


Decant Be Serious: A Hazy Shade of White!

4th April 2019

Tickets £3


On 4th Decant Be Serious's wine and food tasting at MILK Cafe in Glasgow will be in aid of Chance4Charlie. Running from 19:30-22:30, the brillant Phoebe "shall be showcasing the other end of the spectrum ~ NATURAL WHITES!"  

For info on Decant Be Serious's Wine and Food tasting events visit:


Salsa Dancing with Elaine

3rd April 2019


Elaine hosted and taught a Salsa dance for Chance4Charlie for the Crown Crew.

Click to Buy Tickets £8  For info on Claire's yoga practice & classes visit:

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Afternoon tea, scones & raffle

11th April2019


Afternoon tea, scones & raffle organised and

hosted by June and Graham Grundy.

Finn is walking Hadrian's Wall

21s - 26th April 2019

Hadrian's Wall is 73 miles long and Finn will be walking the length of the wall, camping and staying in hostels. 

To sponsor Finn, donate on the JustGiving page & write 'Finn's Walk' in the notes.

Click to donate.

Thank you Finn for generosly taking on this challenge for Charlie. 


26th April 2019

Cake and coffee afternoon

Organised and hosted

by Veronica.

10k Run

26th May 2019



Veronica & Precious will be completing a 10K run.

Details TBC.


24th June 2019

20:30 - 01:00

Battling for life 2019: in loving memory 

A dance battle held in Soho

at Ku Bar.

Each year Dance For Hearts, organises a dance battle to raise money for young people battling life-threatening illness.

Learn more about the event on facebook:



Ganapati Restaurant & Takeaway have been collecting donations for Chance4Charlie and spreading awareness for the campaign.



Roma Salon Torquay


To enter, visit Roma Salon in Torquay.

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"A Watts" are generously playing for free.

Sounds of the 50's and 60's. A fabulous

evening of Rock & Roll and Swing!

The event is possible due to the

generosity of Laines Barn who are

sponsoring the event.

Click here for facebook event & ticket information. 

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