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A big thank you to Soraya & Blaize for hosting an Evening of meditation for Chance4Charlie

Two weeks ago on the 12th January 2019 one of Charlie's oldest friends Soraya kindly organized an evening of meditation for Chance4Charlie. This event was only possible due to the generosity of Blaize who runs The London Wellness Studio and donated her time, her studio and her expertise to lead a meditation and soundbath.

Words can not express how grateful we are to Soraya, Blaize and their friends for their support. A huge thank you to everyone who attended and donated as a result of the awareness the event raised. Most of the people who attended have never even met Charlie! A special thank you to Laura Dixon for organising the lucky dip.

Below is the video Charlie sent directly to the group of women who attended and organized this event.

The event looked stunning to learn more about The London Wellness Studio checkout their website:https://www.thelondonwellnessstudio.com/ or their stunning Instagram: @thelondonwellnessstudio

If you would like to follow the fundraising updates find them at:


twitter: @_chance4charlie

instagram: @chance4charlie

facebook: Fundraising Chanceforcharlie

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