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Back in the UK, 4 months post op

A quickish video update of where I am at medically.

I am so much better since my surgery however I still have EDS and I am still a very sick person in many ways, with many restrictions and I have really been feeling the trauma of being sick for so long recently, having to fight to be believed by medical professionals and having to research so intensely and work so hard to get treatment. Because of this trauma I have been finding it difficult to talk about my health recently, even though in so many ways I am doing a lot better and I am grateful for that, I still yearn for a day where I feel completely well, something I am not sure I will ever experience again. Which is fine, that is chronic illness and I am accepting that. Either way I have not been doing so many health updates because I really needed a mental health break from discussing the ins and outs of my illness. Even when I am a little quieter on the updates I want everyone to know how much I appreciate their support to have reached this point and their kind thoughts and wishes.

Sending you all so much love, Charlie xxx

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