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Barcelona itinerary - what we know so far

Saturday, 4th May 2019

Oscar and Charlie fly to Barcelona

Monday, 6th May 2019

Day 1 of pre-op appointments

Pre-op lab work, CAT scan for neural navigational planning, ECG and Cardiologist checks

evening - Lisa and Gordon (parents) arrive in Barcelona

Tuesday, 7th May

Day 2 pre-op appointments

appointments with Neurosurgeons, Ophthalmologist, Pain consultant

Wednesday, 8th May

Day 3 pre-op appointments

appointment with Anesthesiologist and internal medicine specialists

evening admitted to hospital

Thursday, 9th May

8:30am Surgery begins and should last roughly 7 hours

If all goes to plan with no complications I should only be in hospital for 12 days. The first 2 days in ICU and then in a regular room after that.

We won't know more about appointments, tests and a possible second surgery until after this one. But we will keep this blog updated.

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