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Chance4Charlie has brought the inner hero out in all of our family and friends. We really have been blown away by the generosity, the kindness, the creativity and the sheer perserverance of our friends and family (and even strangers) in this fundraising campaign so far. Many of you, we are thanking individually and Charlie is hoping that she can continue to show her gratitude to you all in her long life to come!

But this blog post is to specifically celebrate the incredible contribution of some of our creative pals!

First of all, we want to say a huge thank you to the lovely June, who has been donating her time and creativity to sell her funky handmade greeting cards for Chance4Charlie. Thank you so much June!

Our next creative hero, is the fabulous Elaine, who has been an all round superwoman; teaching a new fitness class, putting on a line dancing event, rallying her pals and creating lots of stunning items to sell.

Elaine created these gorgeous key-to-my-heart bottle openers for valentines day, which she has been selling for Chance4Charlie.

Elaine has also created these stunning mothers day gifts to sell for Chance4Charlie.

Mums Special ‘YOU ARE TEA-RIFIC’ Cup & Saucer. A box of 10 pretty flower tagged, individual, envelope Teabags. Plus 10 individual Coffee sticks and Biscuits.

Elaine and June thank you for using your creativity to help fundraise for Chance4Charlie.

Charlie & her family are eternally grateful.

If you have been using your creativity to fundraise for Chance4Charlie please send us an email so we can share your creative contribution with everyone!

Email: chance4charlie@outlook.com


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