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Chance4Charlie grafters!

Ever since we began campaigning we have been touched and overwhelmed by the support and eagerness to get involved. Old friends, new friends, friends of friends have all been hard working away at planning events and taking part in activties. There are now so many people helping out it's hard to keep track and properly celebrate all of the fantastic contributions.

Here are a few highlights from last weeks Chance4Charlie grafters.


Cheese toasties for Charlie!

A huge thank you to Mollie & Amy who soberly braved the legendary club sandwich (Wednesday night at the Goldsmiths SU) to sell grilled cheese sandwiches.

Mollie and I have known eachother since sixth form and lived together during univeristy, Amy is a close pal of ours from London. The three of us have spent many a Wednesday night stumbling out of the SU in search of sustainance (usually in the form of cheesy chips from a chicken shop). So I can think of no better way for Mollie & Amy to fundraise whilst paying homage to our uni days.


Chance4Charlie fundraising goes international!

My brother Antony & my wonderful sister-in-law Kristel have made an incredible 650 euros fundraising in Düsseldorf. They spent a few days last week selling homemade lemonade at Kristel's art school exhibition.

A great big thank you to Antony & Kristel for all their hard work! I especially love the signs Kristel made.


Cakes with Colleagues for Chance4Charlie

A huge thank you to my lovely Auntie Stevie and her work friend Mel for holding a bake sale at their work to help fundraise. And the cakes look delicious!

A huge thank you to Jane from Living Coasts, who works with my mum (Lisa Headland) and made these lovely cakes to sell at work to help fundraise!


A great big thank you to just some of out Chance4Charlie grafters, if you have sold some cakes or are planning on holding an event, email me at: chance4charlie@outlook.com so we can let everyone know about the kind contributions you have made!

Thank you so much for the continued support, all my love and eternal gratitude, Charlie x

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