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Chance4Charlie Yoga with Yogi Claire

My lovely and talented friend Claire has supported and used her savvy skills as a buisness woman to support and raise awareness for Chance4Charlie from the outset on social media, through post from bloggers and through an article in OM Yoga Magazine. And on the 7th April she kindly held a yoga class for Chance4Charlie. A huge thank you to Claire for all her support and generosity! And a huge thank you to everyone who attended, supported and helped raise awareness.

I heard the class was awesome and I can't wait to be well enough to attend them! For pics and details about the class and Yogi Claire keep reading.

Yogi Claire

Birmingham based Yogi Claire is deeply passionate about the spiritual aspects of yoga, as well as the mental advantages such as calm and focus, and physical benefits such as alignment, balance and posture. She teaches various classes around Birmingham.

To learn more about Yogi Claire visit:


Facebook: @yogiclairebirmingham

Instagram: @yogi_claire_

Thank you, Yogi Claire, for all the support!

On the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month Yogi Claire will be teaching an hour of yoga surrounded by art and followed by a hot drink at Medicine Bakery + Gallery, Birmingham.

The classes begin at 9.00am with an hour yoga class combining dynamic Hatha + gentle restorative. Tickets are £8 including a hot drink. All abilities welcome. Please bring your own matt.

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