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Ladies' Mad Hatter's Tea Party

A huge thank you to Elaine Bywaters for organising this event. And a huge thank you to everyone who helped organise and run the event Louise Wornham, Gill Walby, Carol Day, Karla Roy, Jo Rowe, Jacqui Keep, Jackie Melotti, Sue Holley, Dave Holley, Ken Walby and the Table Magician ‘Archie’. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported!

The tea party started with a ‘DRINK ME’ Blueberry Lemonade.

‘EAT ME’ was Sandwiches, Scones jam & clotted cream plus cakes.

There were games.

There were funny face beer mats!

I love these beer mat funny faces!

A huge thank you to Archie who I heard was an incredible table magician.

There was Best Hat competition.

There was a NICE & NAFF Raffle. Everyone received a prize, some were funny prizes others were lovely prices.

Check out these cute ‘Thank you for coming’ tissues.

They raised an outstanding £700.00 at the CHANCE4CHARLIE ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’. Thank you so much!

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