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North West walks & South West walk

There have been 3 sponsored walks completed over the last couple of weeks in aid of Chance4Charlie. Thank you so much to all the incredible walkers who took part, everyone who sponsored them and everyone who shared the story!

North West 10k Walk 1 took place on 23rd March. Many thanks to Auntie Stevie, Marg, Mary, Jac, Sue, Harriet, Hannah, Pepper & Bertie for taking part.

North West 10k Walk 2 was completed on the 31st March. Many thanks to Gill, Mary & Melanie for taking part and for collecting sponsors and donations. 😊 and to everybody who has sponsored or donated.

The South West 10k walk took place on 23rd March, a huge thank you to everyone who took part, my lovely sis Catrin, Cathy, Dave, Sarah and my zany parents Lisa and Gordon. And a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored the walk or shared the fundraiser!

Its safe to say, it looks like they had fun, I will let the photo's speak for themselves. Photos by Dave.

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