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Sunday Update (Post Operation Day 3)

Updated: May 14, 2019

*WEEKEND UPDATE* Charlie continues to remain in a stable condition and heavily sedated due to intense pain. The first couple of post-operative days are notoriously some of the hardest, disorientating and most painful days; sleep is fragmentary and hallucinatory and you drift in and out of consciousness as the body attempts to reconcile itself with the immense trauma of surgery.

At the same time Charlie has a cerebrospinal fluid leak due to a tear in her extremely fragile and thin Dura (the protective membrane which envelops the brain and spinal cord) which is being monitored. Her fusion wound is healing well and will in the coming weeks develop into a beautiful scar; a permanent marker of her stoicism and resolve.

Later she will try to have a little bit of water for the first time since surgery via a straw which is exciting as she's only been having a couple of sprays of electrolyte water in her mouth every couple of hours. Also, her breathing tube has been removed.

Thanks once more for the continued love and support,

Oscar x

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