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The kindness of strangers!

One of the most incredible parts of this fundraising campaign has been it's reach. Each week we find out about more and more activities or events happening to help fundraise. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and eagerness to help from so many people, many of whom I have never met. So this post is to highlight the generosity of some of those wonderful people.

Timet Chance4Charlie fundraising day!

A couple of weeks ago my very good friend Emma's dad Dave Rose held a fundraising day at his work place, Timet. Although noone at Timet has ever met me they held a lunchtime raffle, a sweepstake and an afternoon tea in the office in which they decorated and all brought in food! My family and I were all blown away by the effort that went into this lovely event! The Timet event raised £600 and many more donations from people who took part in the event.

Thank you so much to everyone at Timet!

Timet office decorated and set up for the Chance4Charlie fundraising

Torquay to Brixham coastal walk!

A huge thank you to Hayley Sloan, Nicci Powley, Lisa Blundell and Lisa Hughes Who all did a coastal walk today for Chance4Charlie from Torquay sea front to Brixham all along all the beaches on the way! They raised £130.

The ladies walked from Shiphay to Torquay Harbour around the coast all the Way to Paigton Pier, through Goodrington, Elberry Cove, Fishcombe Cove and ending in Brixham Harbour. Quite a walk! Well done ladies and thank you so much for taking on this epic walk for someone you have never even met, that really is a special kind of generosity.

Nicci also raised £150 doing a dress down day at her workplace! This is absolutely incredible. Thank you ladies! And thank you to everyone who took part in the dress down at the Job Centre!

Elaine's Line Dancing

Elaine's line dancing classes in Wantage have been smashing it! And its all down both to the incredible Elaine but also all her wonderful participants, most of whom have never even met me! The success of all these events has made me very proud to have been a Wantage girl, even if now I am a Birmingham woman.

Elaine has now held 3 incredibly success line dancing fundraisers and down to the kindness of the people of Wantage they have made an outstanding £784.50.

Thank you to everyone; friends, family, friends of friends and friends I am yet to meet for making this fundraising campaign so incredible! Eternal love and gratitude to you all, you are saving my life, love Charlie xxx

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